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Ontario Boosting Social Assistance

Improvements include:

  • Increasing social assistance rates by two per cent for all people receiving social assistance
  • Helping people who live in remote and northern communities — who often pay more for basic needs like groceries and transportation — by increasing the Remote Communities Allowance
  • Increasing limits on cash and other assets so that people can better manage financial setbacks
  • Increasing the income exemption for cash gifts, to better recognize that people receiving social assistance may also receive support from family or friends
  • Streamlining rules to make the system work better for people.

Ontario Curbing Abuse of Unlawful Evictions

Effective September 1, 2017, when a landlord ends a tenancy so that they or a family member can use a rental unit, landlords must:

  • Provide one month’s rent to the tenant as compensation or offer the tenant another acceptable rental unit.
  • Express intent to occupy the unit for at least one year. If the landlord advertises, re-rents or demolishes/converts the unit within one year, she or he will be considered to have acted in bad faith unless they can prove otherwise, and could face a fine of up to $25,000.

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