The Social Assistance Team provides legal services pertaining to Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits. We assist individuals who have questions about social assistance, or are experiencing difficulties in obtaining the social assistance benefits to which they are entitled to. This might include the denial of benefits based on financial ineligibility, the denial of ODSP benefits where a person has been found to not be a person with a disability and/or situations where an overpayment has been assessed against them. In circumstances where there is merit to the case, we provide legal representation before the Social Benefits Tribunal.

Summary Advice: We provide brief advice and legal information to callers about social assistance matters.

Representation: We represent clients who are appealing a social assistance decision before the Social Benefits Tribunal. Our work might involve filing appeal documents, gathering evidence, negotiating with social assistance representatives, and arguing the case before the Tribunal.

Community Development Work: The Social Assistance Team engages in public outreach and provides public legal education sessions to community members and partners to educate/inform them about social assistance matters and their legal rights. We also participate in larger campaigns to raise awareness about social assistance issues and to champion progressive changes to social assistance laws and policies.