How We Can Help

We provide free legal services for low income residents of York Region.

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CLCYR can help with legal matters relating to:

Our Services:

  • Summary advice and legal information: We provide summary advice and legal information about our core areas of law.
  • Referrals: We connect clients with various social service agencies such as shelters and mental health organizations.
  • Legal representation: We appear before various administrative tribunals with clients. This representation is assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Public legal education outreach: Clinic staff are involved in educating various members of our community about their legal rights.
  • Law reform initiatives: Clinic staff are involved in such initiatives aimed at advancing the legal interests of low-income people.
  • Assisting clients to organize self-help groups: Clinic staff are involved in community organizing as a means of confronting low-income issues.

We can’t help you with . . .

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How We Help

We start with advice for your problem. We will listen to your concern and provide you with expert advice or a referral to another more appropriate organization.

Some people need more than just advice. Depending on your situation, we may help by preparing documents (for example, an application to the Landlord and Tenant Board) or by speaking with another party.

Sometimes we can represent you in a court or at a tribunal, such as the Social Benefits Tribunal or the Landlord and Tenant Board. Representation is determined case-by-case on the basis of the type of problem and the financial eligibility of the client.